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What product would you suggest I start with?

What’s the difference between original Structured Water™ products and dynamically enhanced products?

If there are no moving parts in your products, how does the water get structured?

Are your products guaranteed?

Are there any side affects of drinking Structured Water™?

Will I taste a difference in the water?

What is the meaning of Wu Wei?

How do I know if my unit is Dynamically Enhanced or Original?

Can I use the Portable product to structure other liquids?

What results should I expect from drinking Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™?

Are there different types of products for different uses?

Does Structured Water™ remove chlorine and fluoride from the water?

How do I clean my Portable Unit?

Does Structured Water™ remove bad smells from the water?

I want to install your product in my house. How do I measure a pipe?

If we have a different water filter or water softener already installed on our house, would we still gain benefit from additionally adding your product?

For wells with a lot of sediment and sand, could we use a filter ahead of your Structured Water™ product without it having a negative impact on the Structured Water™?